‘n Boer maak ‘n plan!  What to do when jackals continue to dine off your sheep?

Johan van Vuuren farms in the Winterberg near Adelaide and has had endless troubles with jackal killing his sheep.  “I’ve tried electrifying the fences, put bells around the sheep’s necks (!) and kept hunting dogs in the kraal, to no avail.  The sheep disappeared.”
Lying awake at night, worrying, gave Johan a scintillating idea.  If cat’s eyes on our roads can warn motorists, could these be used to keep jackals away?
He contacted a manufacturer, bought 40 cats’ eyes and fastened them to the sheep’s horns with cable ties. “They are charged by the sun during the day and the twinkling lights are visible for one kilometer.  I have not lost one lamb to jackal this season!”

Sheep with Cats eyes

Compared with the use of cruel methods such as poison and traps to curb stock losses, this could be a wonderful solution.  (Theuns Botha, Landbouweekblad   
Ed:  Good old cable ties - never be without them.


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